HOPA is your home for board-certified oncology pharmacist (BCOP) recertification education. Earn up to 66 hours of BCOP Credit, including 28 hours from our preparatory and recertification course, 20 hours of self-study modules, 10 updates modules and 8 annual conference sessions. HOPA's BCOP education is provided through a variety of formats including webinars, content outlines, and podcasts.

HOPA’s BCOP Education will allow you to:

  • Gain knowledge and strategies relevant to disease prevention and treatment
  • Improve your problem-solving skills
  • Stay on track to accomplish your recertification
  • Engage in lifelong learning to improve your practice

New in 2020 BCOP Preparatory and Recertification Course

bcop recert star iconThe HOPA Preparatory and Recertification Course is designed to prepare oncology pharmacists preparing to sit for the BCOP Certification Exam, as well as meet the BPS requirement to complete the Oncology Pharmacy Preparatory Review Course at least once, but no more than three times, in nonconsecutive years, during their 7-year recertification cycle. It will provide 28 BCOP recertification hours per year with the content and focus directed at the level of the practicing BCOP pharmacist as well as an opportunity to prepare for the BCOP Certification Exam. Each module will have any combination of the following components: written topic outline, voice-over webinar, and/or podcasts. Read more about the HOPA Preparatory and Recertification Course.

BCOP Self-Study 

self study iconNew in 2020: Earn up to 20 hours of BCOP credit. These modules focus on literature published within the last two years. Participants will learn about new developments and cutting-edge findings through case-based discussions that help you apply the information presented.Read more about the BCOP Self-Study.

BCOP Updates 

webinar iconThese are interactive modules designed for the practicing advanced level BCOP pharmacists. Covering new and ongoing therapeutic developments, these modules will provide you with up-to-date information, including recently published or ongoing studies from the past 2-3 years that you can immediately apply to your practice. Earn up to 10 hours of BCOP credit. Read more about the BCOP Updates.

BCOP Webinars

Webinar iconOur webinars review key findings from clinical and translational research presented at national oncology meetings. Presenters discuss late-breaking topics and timely data impacting the spectrum of oncology and oncology pharmacy. Earn up to 5 hours of BCOP credit. Read more about the BCOP Webinars.

BCOP Annual Conference

bcop conference iconFor those who missed live and virtual BCOP sessions at Annual Conference, this on-demand programming will enable you to earn up to 8 hours of BCOP credit and will remain available for up to one year following its release. Originally presented at Annual Conference, these modules will feature session recordings of BCOP-level presentations on a variety of topics. More information on BCOP Annual Conference on-demand will be available by mid-March 2020.

 Disclaimer: Starting in late 2019, HOPA will be auto-reporting credits directly to BPS. Please remember to update your BPS ID and Credential Number in your HOPA account to have your credits automatically transferred.

FAQs–BCOP Recertification Frequently Asked Questions


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