In 2021, a national survey of hematology/oncology pharmacists demonstrated a high burnout prevalence, which may affect patient safety and workforce well-being. To address the concerning survey results, HOPA involved expert consultants to conduct a thorough review of literature and current best practices, which led to the development of a task force to identify and facilitate strategies to decrease hematology/oncology pharmacy workforce burnout.

This statement from the task force is to acknowledge the critical need and commitment from HOPA to mitigate risk factors of burnout and support well-being initiatives with interventions aimed at individual wellness and organizational efforts to optimize cancer care.

If you would like a copy of the Wellness and Burnout statement, download it now.

HOPA Wellness and Burnout Statement

At HOPA, we recognize the need to take action on well-being. We hear you and we understand that our members are suffering high rates of burnout and need the support of our organization. Our mission for workplace well-being is to encourage a positive and supportive environment for our members, pharmacy residents, and students to learn and grow professionally. By establishing and maintaining well-being in our workforce, we can optimize cancer care and medication management.

HOPA commits to integrating well-being in our workforce through collaboration, education, and tailored initiatives. The work of the task force will align with each of the HOPA Councils:

  • Professional Practice - When optimal conditions are experienced at work, health care providers remain dedicated, absorbed, and engaged. We aim to address key drivers of burnout in the workplace such as workload, job demands, work-life integration, and autonomy and flexibility. We understand that individuals cannot solve the burden of burnout alone. Our task force will collaborate with multi-disciplinary organizations, including large pharmacy organizations to foster system-wide approaches to wellness sustainability.
  • Education - We strive to provide practical tools that are focused on areas of burnout that are most impactful to HOPA members. These resources should highlight both individual and organizational approaches that encompass physical, social, and emotional wellness at all career stages.
  • Research - HOPA is supportive of promoting research to assess benchmarks for hematology/oncology pharmacist expectations and metrics to quantify burnout and improve quality of care. Learning about best practice staffing models, identifying workplace inefficiencies, and imparting self-care strategies can add value to our dynamic profession for a growth mindset into the future.
  • Advocacy - By providing social support, volunteer opportunities, and outreach events, we can continue to find meaning and purpose in our work. Our goal is to advocate for policies to protect our workforce and add continuity to a culture advancing the professional quality of life of our members and contributing to positive outcomes and experiences for our patients.

The Wellness and Burnout Task Force created by HOPA will incorporate well-being initiatives within HOPA committees, programs, and practices. We hope to achieve an enriched workforce with the skills and metrics necessary to prevent and manage burnout. We look forward to collaborating at an organizational level to implement sustainable healthy habits and long-term solutions that support hematology/oncology pharmacy workforce well-being.

Find a list of the Wellness Task Force members located at the bottom of this web page.

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