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After survey results showed that 95% of patients who have experienced chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (also known as CINV) said at some point the side effect had an impact on their daily lives, we knew something more had to be done to help patients. HOPA teamed up with Eisai Inc. and Helsinn Therapeutics (U.S.), Inc. to launch the Time to Talk CINV™ program to help address unmet needs regarding the communication of nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy and ensure that no patient suffers needlessly.

As part of the campaign, the Time to Talk CINV toolkit was created. This action-oriented toolkit is available to patients, their caregivers and their healthcare team to help communicate about the prevention of nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy. Whether a patient is just starting chemotherapy or has been on chemotherapy before and experienced nausea and vomiting, these materials were tailor-made with the guidance of patients, nurses and pharmacists to encourage open communication between the patient, caregiver and healthcare team about nausea and vomiting.

These tools can be printed, filled out digitally, emailed and shared via social media.

Video Guide to Using the Toolkit

Download the Full CINV Toolkit Here

Time to Talk CINV Toolkit

For Patient Use:


Comm Checklist ONS SOAPatient Checklist: Here's a list of things to ask your healthcare team when starting your chemotherapy regimen. Remember to bring paper or the notes page (link below) to jot down information.






ChemoSETracker 10Day ChemoSETracker 30Day
Chemotherapy Side Effects Tracker (10 day and 30 day): Easily track your side effects and report them back to your healthcare team.





CINV Myths Facts200Myths and Facts about CINV: With so many misperceptions about chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, use this tool to learn the facts about this side effect.








Patient NotesCINV Notes Page: Print out this notes page to keep track of your side effects, instructions from your doctor or questions about your treatment. Use it at home or during visits with your healthcare team.








HCP toolkit guideToolkit Infographic: Discover how our new toolkit works and what you can do to help prevent CINV.








For the Healthcare Team Use:

CINV Prev BP ChecklistHealthcare Team Best Practices Checklist: Ensure you and your team are doing everything you can to communicate about the prevention of CINV.








Toolkit GuideGuide to use the Tools: Learn more about how patients and healthcare providers can utilize the Time to Talk CINV toolkit by reviewing this guide, which can be printed for repeated use.








Download the Full CINV Toolkit Here


More about CINV and Time to Talk CINV Campaign:


Toolkit Webinar: Watch our archived webinar to see Sarah Peters, former HOPA president explain the functionality of the toolkit and how these resources can be implemented into practice.


Scott Soefje video on CINVA Patient’s Journey: Former HOPA president, Scott Soefje, discusses the impact CINV has on patients and the importance of communication between patients and their healthcare team.




CINV Infographic ThumbnailCINV Infographic: Gain a better understanding of CINV, how to prevent it and why it matters.















Survey Infographic ThumbnailSurvey Infographic: View the surprising results from our 2015 national survey about the impact CINV has on the lives patients receiving chemotherapy.












2017 Press Release: “Available Now: New Toolkit Encourages Better Communication to Help Prevent Patients from Suffering in Silence Due to Chemotherapy-induced Nausea and Vomiting”
Read about the launch of the Time to Talk CINV toolkit, highlighting the patient and healthcare provider resources developed by HOPA, Eisai and Helsinn.

2015 Press Release: “Results of Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Association and Eisai Inc. Survey Show 83 Percent of Patients Receiving Chemotherapy May Be Unnecessarily Suffering from Chemotherapy-induced Nausea and Vomiting”
Learn more about the launch of the Time to Talk CINV campaign.



Time to Talk CINV™ is a collaboration between the Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Association, Eisai Inc., and Helsinn Therapeutics (U.S.), Inc. The Time to Talk CINV campaign is funded by Eisai Inc. and Helsinn Therapeutics (U.S.), Inc.