HOPA’s Vision and Mission remain clear and strong and have not wavered since our inception. In January 2019, the HOPA Board of Directors, key stakeholders and staff met to conduct a comprehensive review of the HOPA Strategic Plan, which reflects four core areas: Professional Development, Professional Resources and Tools, Research, and Advocacy. These focused goal areas identify where the association will direct its energy and resources in the next five years. A set of objectives for each area provides measurable direction in achieving these goals.


OUR VISION: All individuals affected by cancer have a hematology/oncology pharmacist as an integral member of their care team.

OUR MISSION: Support pharmacy practitioners and promote and advance hematology/oncology pharmacy to optimize the care of individuals affected by cancer.

2020–2023 Strategic Plan

2020-2023 HOPA Goals and Objectives

Goal Area: Professional Development

Develop hematology/oncology pharmacists to be valuable members of the cancer care team exceling within their institutions and their professions.


  1. Continue to develop educational initiatives that meet the evolving needs of pharmacists practicing in hematology/oncology.
  2. Bring the voice of the hematology/oncology pharmacists to external organizations through educational programming.
  3. Develop collaborative educational opportunities for individuals on the hematology/oncology care team.


Goal Area: Professional Resources and Tools

Provide the professional resources and tools needed to support hematology/oncology pharmacy across the cancer care continuum.


  1. Develop and maintain guidelines, competencies, and standards within oncology pharmacy practice.
  2. Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to deliver tools and resources that reflect the needs of members, patients, caregivers, and individuals on the hematology/oncology care team.


Goal Area: Research

Establish HOPA as a leader in research of hematology/oncology pharmacy intervention and impact.


  1. Enrich current and new research areas of focus: basic and translational, quality, value, and practice-based. 
  2. Enhance opportunities for seasoned and early-stage researchers.
  3. Develop professional benchmarks for hematology/oncology.


Goal Area: Advocacy

Advocate for the value of hematology/oncology pharmacy and be an influential voice for patient cancer care issues.


  1. Increase awareness of the hematology/oncology pharmacist as a trusted advocate for patients, caregivers and pharmacists.
  2. Increase patient experiences in advocacy initiatives.
  3. Expand HOPA's footprint in the areas of safety, quality, and access to care.
  4. Develop and build on HOPA collaborations with external professional organizations and advocacy groups.